Meetup Community

Welcome both experienced and seasoned facilitators, and those interested in becoming a facilitators!

Let’s get together, get to know each other and share insights, resources, and advice.

We aim to bring together physically and online, practitioners, companies and curious people to discuss, and share challenges, tools, best practices and case studies of successful facilitation as well as general insight and learning sessions to help you be more prepared to run your own workshops and level up your facilitation career.

Everybody is welcome regardless of the level of experience. Networking and a splash of beer will be the added bonus. Come join us to create, share, laugh and connect.

Meetup meetings will be held in both English and Norwegian, depending on the guest speaker language preferences.


🙏🏻 Thanks to our amazing sponsors that help us with local physical venues so we all can gather, learn and get to know each other.


Mesh Community - A place for creators, challengers, thinkers, and pioneers

Mesh opened in 2012 and was the first co-working space in Oslo. It has become the leading independent initiative for Norwegian entrepreneurs and leads the way in bringing important, topical and relevant discussions, talks and conferences. Since its launch Mesh has been creating positive noise to push the startup scene forward, and to modernize its dynamics.

Your city here?

Please contact me if you want to arrange local physical events in your city. I will help you to set it up.