• Facili: comes from the latin adjective meaning "easy and easy to do."

  • Station: “a place where a specified activity or service is based” or “a place on a railway line where trains regularly stop so that passengers can get on or off”.

Facili-station is the place where people who want to make things easier for others (facilitators and leaders) gather to learn, be inspired and keep themselves informed on the latest methods to run better workshops, build agile organisations, take care of the people side of changes, accelerate teams and uncover new ideas: tools, frameworks, exercises, tips & tricks and DOs & DON'Ts.

So what’s this about?

We are Jose and Thomas! We are two facilitation and agility geeks living in Oslo (Norway).

This is a open, joyful and safe place for us to dump our combined 40+ years of knowledge and advice from designing and facilitating workshops in both big corporates, startups and NGOs, all over the world, coaching, leading and developing teams through transformations, and making change and innovation happen by aligning business and people needs by winning hearts and minds.

It is a special place for us where we can both create and curate really cool content that truly speaks and means a lot to us, and hopefully to you as well.

We are passionate and like writing about leadership, agility, personal development, design led innovation, team collaboration, facilitation and workshops.

We ❤️ to work as FACILITATORS and COACHES !!

We have spent much of our combined past 40+ years studying, designing and advising gatherings whose goals where to be transformative for the people involved and the communities they were trying to affect.

As FACILITATORS and COACHES, we are someone trained in the skill of shaping group dynamics, collective and personal conversations.

Our job is to put the right people in a room and help them to collectively think, dream, argue, heal, envision, trust and connect for a specific larger purpose. I strive to help people experience a sense of belonging.

As FACILITATORS and COACHES, we are process and a conversation designers and help organisations and teams to solve complex problems and make decisions by bringing them together, creating alignment and helping them to actually collaborate, so they can move forward and get things done, creating better solutions, faster, one workshop at a time.

When we design and run workshops our goal is to create an experience that shifts a group of people to a new trajectory, to transform teams and companies long after we work together. We do it by co-creating powerful and engaging conversations using the design thinking tools.

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I’m a process and a conversation designer and help people to both unlock their superpowers and to solve complex problems by bringing them together, creating alignment and helping them to make decisions, so they can move forward and get things done.
With two decades of hands-on experience leading through highly disruptive contexts, I work at the intersection of human dynamics, innovation, and disruptive change.