What I am doing now

This is a Now page, inspired by Derek Sivers. You should create one too!

I will be updating it every week by Sunday or Monday

Updated Tuesday 28.03.2023 at Fornebu (Telenor)

First physical meetup in Oslo

On Tuesday 21st of March we had in Oslo the first physical meetup in Oslo at Mesh Community. Surprisingly enough since it was a heavy rainy day more people than confirmed showed up, about 40, and we had a fun and engaging event about conversation design.

I was asked ny Mesh if i wanted tu run a fast physical event every month, since it was such a big success, and we managed to create a truly sense of community :-)

Team alignment workshop

Last week I designed and run an exciting and insightful 2 days workshop with a newly formed product department so they could get to know each other as individuals, their roles and responsibilities, how they might interact and collaborate with each other, plan the next 2 quarters and agree an some common rules and behaviours.

Collaboration with Dave Gray

My workshop and visual thinking hero og mentor Dave Gray, author of the book “Gamestorming” and myself are writing a series of letters here in Substack where we share and challenge each other about the BEST workshop exercises we know.

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